ten years indie.

  1. it was both easier and harder than i ever thought it would be. and in ways that i never could have imagined.

  2. i’m a bit tired now. i like being independent, but working for the man, and not having to think about the challenges of running a business like insurance and budgets, looks more attractive all the time, even though i know that those things are part of the reason i wanted to be independent.

  3. the high of creating a product people love is powerful and amazing. the low of creating something that people don’t care about at all is amazingly powerful too.

  4. without a rigid schedule i work whenever i feel most creative. this is wonderful, but came with an unexpected twist. no matter how hard it try to avoid it, my natural tendency is to do most of this work in the middle of the night while other people sleep. i have no idea why.

  5. it’s very difficult to feel successful. i know that i have achieved much more than i thought i would, but successful is a sisyphean bolder.

i’m going to try to stop pushing the bolder from here on out. i’m not going to worry about whether i am successful or not. ten years is plenty of that.

isaiah @isaiah