Stacks Dev Journal - Sprint

Developer Beta

At the beginning of the week I had somewhere around 15 bugs left in the list before sending out a developer beta for Stacks 4. After closing a few of the easy ones I found a few more. Sometime early in the week the list got up to 23 bugs. But thankfully most were easy. It’s Thursday night. I’ve still got all day Friday and Saturday. My goal is to finish before Saturday at dinner time.

I just closed 2 of the larger bugs on the list, one was a minor feature addition. It took most of the day. There are still 4 bugs to go. And about 2 days. And nothing left on the list is easy anymore.


I think I’ve got a good shot at finishing as long as nothing too major crops up. I just need to stay focused and nail down two bugs each day.

But right now, sleep. Sleep is definitely what I need. Goodnight. 😴

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*What is this: these are random snippets from my dev journal working various projects. Some of these projects are for work, some are just for fun.

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