Independence Day Rambles

usually on the 4th we go to watch nearby fireworks in Cedar Park (hi @manton). their display isn’t huge, but i like the small town feel of the get together with local food trucks and bouncy houses for the little kiddos. it’s craziness, but on a very small scale.

this year i can’t go because i’m not quite mobile yet after recent surgery. i have to admit, even as dorky as it is, i was feeling pretty bummed about missing it.

but the weather in Austin is always a bit of a crapshoot. and today we rolled: thunderstorm ⛈ a pretty good one too. i’m hoping the downpour will add a couple inches to the lake.

so fireworks and picnic plans are right out — hip surgery or no.

so… thanks universe for giving me that one and providing me with natures own fireworks 🎇⚡️🌩

my feelings of missing out are hugely diminished. board games with 🍔 & 🌭 grilled under the back porch eves will be just fine.

happy independence day everyone!

now, please go read The Declaration of Independence. really. don’t just brush it off. you’re a grownup now. then read it’s sister document France’s Rights of Man, too. you’ll be glad you did. it only takes s few minutes.

we all share inalienable rights. and the rule of law applies to every one of us, billionaires and monarchs and homeless junkies and even Honduran children fleeing persecution.

these rights are outside of politics and time and faith and everything else. it’s really important. and i think we’re going to really need to remember that this next year.

isaiah @isaiah