Kiwi Dev Journal Day 4 – Small steps

  • Not much to report. Small things.
  • Fixed the user timeline. Now using the real classes.
  • Added some support for doing HTML filtering. Not yet turned it on. But it looks like a solid solution. npm is pretty cool sometimes.
  • The top of the window in now rendering in white. I have no idea when that happened or what I broke. FML
  • Fiddled with animation timing curves a bit. This is ease in and out at 250ms. Seems OK. Not sure yet. Will keep fiddling.
  • Icons are rounded now. Did I add this in the last checkin. I think so. Since this is just for me there are NO FUCKING CIRCLE AVATARS, not that I have strong opinions about that or anything.


#dotblog #devjournal

What is this: these are random snippets from my dev journal working on a simple client app for fun. This is a non-serious side project, progresses very slowly, and will probably never see the light of day. The images may not perfectly correspond to the journal entry. In most cases I’ve added them later based on the relative time of git checkins.

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