after my recent switch of text editor (yes, again. shut up.) to VS Code mostly due to built-in typescript support and a quickly growing extension community i’m ready to report back with a mini review: first impressions


  • the API is freaking awesome. i may be in love.
  • the typescript support is as great as advertised. works out of the box.
  • there are a ton of extensions (no surprise with such a good API)
  • building an extension is fun and the built-in ability to develop an extension using the app that you’re extending to run another instance of itself… zowie. the nerds that worked on this system deserve a raise. this seems crazy hard and it just works so flawlessly. i’m deeply impressed.


  • vi mode is acceptable but quirky. the vi mode in atom was so amazing that it’s spoiled me forever.


  • the scrolling is the worst. and i mean that literally. it’s worse than every other app on my mac today. it’s really really bad.
  • there are as many broken extensions as working ones. making them super easy to build, but no financial incentive to maintain is maybe not a great long term platform strategy.
  • debugging is broken (this may be a chrome thing). sometimes breakpoints work. sometimes not. sometimes they move. no reason, just because. sometimes all the breakpoints jump to the end of a file, it’s their happy place apparently.
  • why is there no UI for changing settings. in 2018. why? honestly. worst product decision in history of MS. ok, well, no… not worse that Bob. that was really bad, wasn’t it. oh and clippy. yeah, windows ME, i forgot about that… OK, fine. not the worst. but like top-20 for sure.


it’s ok. i’m really frustrated by the scrolling and vi quirks, but the extension API has pulled me in. but despite the UI discomforts i seem very productive inside the app, which is a good sign for the long haul – so i’m going to stick it out for a bit and see how it goes.

isaiah @isaiah