@eschaton: Is there a chance of micro.blog⇔Mastadon interoperability in the future? That could be really cool and useful! micro.blog/eschaton/…

i enjoy the zen of micro.blog, it has a quiet simplicity that makes it my favorite right now. it might help that i’ve written my own client for it, so the ux is 👌. but i miss some of the social features of other networks.

i like mastodon, but the idea that all my posts are just on some server seems dicey. and the ux is about as friendly as linux in the 90s.

i like twitter (no, really, i do), a lot of things about it are still great, but the incentives to post shocking and horrible news makes it an ugly place. and jack is not helping.

i’d really like a bit of all them.

isaiah @isaiah