Kiwi Dev Journal Day 6 - User Bio Design

Last update for a few days. Stacks 3 crunch time to finish a new feature needed to be compatible with upcoming RapidWeaver changes. Once that feature branch is merged I’ll be able to work on side projects again.

OK, last night’s progress: * First pass at styling the user bio. In trying to borrow from old Kiwi designs I’m a bit stumped on what to include. There’s a lot less bio info available. * This is definitely a work in progress. LOL. * Started with the avatar image, smashed color, blurred, and stretched to create a background image. Dunno. Maybe I should just leave it white? Let’s see if it grows on me. What do you think? * Most social clients (and past-Kiwi versions) have traditionally had a “stats” like line in the bio that shows follower counts, post counts, etc. doesn’t have much in the way of stats. I think this is probably a purposeful omission, so probably best to just eliminate things that look like stats from the design entirely.

Day 6

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What is this: these are random snippets from my dev journal working on a simple client app for fun. This is a non-serious side project, progresses very slowly, and will probably never see the light of day. The images may not perfectly correspond to the journal entry. In most cases I’ve added them later based on the relative time of git checkins.

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