Kiwi Dev Journal Day 9 - Post Window

  • I threw together a post window . And when I say threw together I really mean it. I stole the code from the main window, the avatar from the timeline, the markdown toolbar from Markedly. But the post button is totally brand new. LOL 🤣
  • For a view cobbled together out of existing bits it doesn’t look that bad. It’s at least a good starting place.
  • But there is an important bit here. I wanted the post window to be more about real blogging and emphasize markdown more than the average twitter client. I think it’s an important distinction for – and a desktop client in particular.
  • I’m going to pull the markdown editing view from Markedly. That will probably be a few days of work all on its own, but I think that’s the core interesting feature of this app. And it’s really the itch that i’m dying to scratch, so I’m willing to invest a bit more time on it.
  • Toolbar code injected. I did trim out a few of the style controls that I don’t think are allowed in the main timeline. Maybe it should be slightly modal? When long-form posting it could show more controls. Hmmm…
  • Behind the scenes I put in place the structure for document-based windows so that it will support multiple open post windows. Definitely one of the real disappointments of Electron is how little they support document-style windowing as apposed to single-window apps. In my opinion, one of the primary reasons for moving from a web-app to native app is to break out of the single browser window. Anyway, I built all that windowing infrastructure for Markedly – so stole that too. Day 9

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What is this: these are random snippets from my dev journal working on a simple client app for fun. This is a non-serious side project, progresses very slowly, and will probably never see the light of day. The images may not perfectly correspond to the journal entry. In most cases I’ve added them later based on the relative time of git checkins.

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